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C++ System Development Lead

We are looking for a highly skilled C++ software developer who feels confident in designing and developing system-to-system interfaces, dataflows, APIs and leading a small team of specialists (2-3 programmers).

Your work will evolve around - but will not be limited to - our distributed, fully automatic 3D natural and urban landscape reconstruction software system, codenamed Vadstena. Your responsibility will be to develop the Vadstena system and its architecture, adding new features in cooperation with our growing R&D team. Deep knowledge of Vadstena, its parts and libraries, is a significant part of your qualification which requires certain humility. This is where you will utilize your ability and willingness to quickly learn - with intensive help of more experienced colleagues in the first months.

System integration, Linux, system architecture, concurrent programming, Bash, optimization, C/C++, Boost, memory models, team leader

C++ System Development Lead

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