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Computer Vision / Graphic Engineer

This is a unique opportunity for a skilled C++ developer to join an exciting project on the boundary between computer vision and computer graphics. We are developing an in-house pipeline for processing 2D aerial imagery and LiDAR data into 3D textured models of urban and natural landscapes, and related geospatial products.

We strive to stay on the cutting edge of structure-from-motion, meshing, and texturing. Part of the job is to study recent academic papers and apply the knowledge to improving and optimizing tasks such as:

We don't assume our candidates have prior knowledge of all of the above, but would like to hear from motivated individuals with solid backgrounds in mathematics and computer science as well as fast learners who are not afraid to delve into highly technical problems. This is a rare opportunity for applied research-like work with an industrial backing.

C++, computer vision, structure from motion, multiple-view geometry, linear algebra, computational geometry, pattern recognition, image processing, CUDA/OpenCL, Linux

Computer Vision / Graphic Engineer

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